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Orthoses - a definition

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An Orthosis is an appliance, which attaches externally to a limb to aid or correct the function of that limb.

Orthotic(s) is the term used to describe the use of such an appliance.

Biomechanics is the study of the physics of Physiology, the forces that act on the limb.

Foot Orthoses are known to solve a number of biomechanically related problems, not only for obvious foot problems but also for ankle and knee pain, pelvis, hip, spinal pain and even headaches. This is achieved by preventing misalignment of the foot which can significantly alter the way in which the bones move within their joints. Below are examples of problems which can be aided with the use the Orthotic device.

Inward ankle tilt, known as 'pronation' (above right) can cause the bones beneath the ankle to shift out of place and thus, lead to a considerable alteration to the way the joint operates. Outward ankle tilt, though less common still occurs in some indivduals in the reverse of the above.


Inward ankle tilt
due to pronation


Socket offset
due to pronation

This abnormal joint movement in the feet and ankle in turn effect the hip joint and the curvature of the spine. This generally leads to back pain and increased pressure on the hips and pelvis (below).

While varying in design all orthotic supports are mostly aimed at the mass market, this is fine in many cases but to be fully effective each support should be tailored to the individual. Increased knowledge of Biomechanics and Orthotic correction of 'unseen' problems has led to more specific prescriptive treatment with casting and bespoke individual insoles.



Algeos supply materials for almost every use of an Orthosis. - spinal body class="body" jackets, calipers (K.A.F.O.s), plastic ankle splints (A.F.O.s), bespoke surgical footwear and adaptations for 'off-the-shelf' footwear for the occupational health industry.

The biggest growth we have seen is the use of foot orthoses in the form of insoles. Public perception of orthotics is growing through use by sports therapists on high profile athletes and in other sports such as Football, Golf and Rugby. However the main use of a foot Orthosis is for use by a Podiatrist (also known as a Chiropodist) in a clinical application.

Please Note:
It is important that a 'corrective' (not bespoke insert) Orthotic device is prescribed by a trained clinician. We have information on all our products and are happy to answer any request for technical support or general assistance. However all our materials and components are supplied on the basis that the customer understands the concepts of Orthotic Treatment.

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